Legs Up A Wall

I am feeling so much better today.  My day of rest really did help. Just in time for the weekend too-you can’t ask for much more than that!

Stop Counting

One of my goals has been to STOP COUNTING.  I’m not counting calories anymore.  I’m just trying to eat sanely and stop when I’m full.  I’ve been doing that for about a week now and I’m feeling like a normal person and not like a food obsessed crazed person.  Part of STOP COUNTING is that I’m trying not to weigh myself.  I used to be a daily weigher and now I’m trying to just gauge on how my clothes look and feel.  I need to put the scale away though because it’s right there in my bathroom calling my name every time I’m in there.  This morning the temptation was too much and I stepped on it.  Holy sneikies!  Since the last time I weighed (~2 weeks ago) I’ve lost 5 pounds.  Yes 5 pounds!!!  I’m 2 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Part of me says “keep weighing, you can control your obsession-this is great!” but the sane part of me says “put the scale away-if that thing says you gained a pound tomorrow you’re going to use it as an excuse to overeat.” I’m putting the scale at the back of the front closet tonight-I would throw it away but we use it to weigh suitcases and I’m the master 49.5 pound packer and the scale is essential for this!  This crazy weigh in did convince me to try on some pre-pregnancy clothing and what do you know?  They fit.  That’s cool.  My body has definitely changed since giving birth but old clothes are fitting and my wardrobe possibilities are about to explode!  My co-workers will be so happy.  I’m sure they’re sick and tired of seeing the same 2 pairs of pants and 5 shirts.  Who am I kidding?  No one cares but me.  So-I thank me-I’m tired of wearing the same 2 pairs of pants and 5 shirts!

Format of the Being Chelsea

I’ve been thinking about what I want this space to be and how to best achieve that.  First and foremost I want it to be a place where I document what is happening in my every day life.  Especially with Lucy.  I want to cherish all the moments I can and write them down so I don’t forget.  The other thing I want to do is write down everything I’m learning.  I’m the first of most of my friends to go through having a baby and I don’t want to forget all these tips.  I love to research baby stuff and I feel like it’s hard to find information out there, even though there is a lot of it.  I’m going to start compiling the things that I’ve learned in a (hopefully) daily post.  So I’ll be writing in the mornings before work (on the train) about what’s going on and then I’ll be posting later in the day at one of my 3 pump sessions about useful tips and tricks.  Stay tuned for sending breastmilk to daycare later today!

I can’t leave this subject without talking about Shaun.  He has spent the last 2 nights creating Being Chelsea and making it look the way it does.  None of the templates that WordPress offers had exactly what I wanted but I’m lucky enough to have an amazing husband who knows how to program.  He was talking last night about things that he wants to do to update his blog but that he hasn’t had the time.  Yet he’s been sitting down with me to make Being Chelsea look just the way I want it (awwww). We’re still refining but so far I’m pretty happy with the look.  He doesn’t like that it’s floating with no containers (how is that for geeky speak?) but I love my “floating” blog.  All that really means is that there are very few lines and boxes on the blog which I think makes it look very clean.

Speaking of Clean

Everyone tells you when you have a kid that your house will never be clean again.  Shaun and I are very clean people and we just kind of nodded our heads and laughed on the inside.  And, our house has stayed clean-up until the past few weeks.  The first issue was that I had to travel for work and was gone for a night, then my Mom came to visit the next weekend, then the next weekend we went camping, and then this past weekend we went to the beach, oh and then I got sick.  With all this upheaval, my house is a DISASTER.  Look at my kitchen: Well nevermind, the picture didn’t upload before I came into work, so that will have to wait!

This weekend will be spent cleaning the mess.  Actually tonight and tomorrow morning will be spent cleaning the mess because our cleaning lady (who does the kitchen, dusts, and the bathrooms-all the stuff I just don’t have time for) comes tomorrow and she needs to be able to actually clean.  I can’t wait for my weekend so that I can catch up on all the stuff we’ve been putting off while out having fun.


I just did a huge photo dump of Lucy on her website.  So many of the pictures you see here are duplicated there.  I think in the future it will be the reverse.  You’ll see pictures here first and then they’ll go over there for “family consumption”.  Some pictures won’t ever go over there and some won’t ever come here.  Her blog is really just to talk about her and keep the relatives and friends up to date.  I’m buying an Eye-Fi photo card later today so this place will start having many more pictures.  Shaun and I have been talking about getting one for months and we’re finally ready to take the plunge. I know Kath has had some issues with her but I think that overall we’ll really like it.

As for what’s really going on with Lucy. She’s started making consonant “B” sounds last week.  She concentrated really hard made the form with her lips and then a “buh” would escape.  “Buh”‘s are getting easier and easier for her and now she’s moved on to “mah” and “puh”.  Interestingly no “Duh” yet.  Usually kids say “Da Da” before “Ma Ma” but so far she’s on her way to “Ma Ma” (YAY!).  Watch, now that I’ve said that she’ll start saying “Da Da” tonight-which is fine by me.  I just love experiencing it!

She’s developed a new way to wake Mommy up in the morning.  She normally wakes up smiling and making all sorts of noises.  I let her do that while I catch some additional ZZZZ’s-she’s happy and more sleep makes for a happy Mommy.  Now,she gets her legs up on the crib (kind of like legs up the wall for those who know yoga) and bangs them really hard.  I go running because I know one of these days she’s going to haul herself up and out of the crib-scary! That little girl is too smart-she knows how to get her Mommy running!

I’ll leave you today with one of my favorite pictures of us.  Our friend Jen took it and commented that Lucy is “glowing”.  She really is!

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