Sick Lucy :(

Little Lucy is sick 🙁  She has a pretty bad cough and had a fever of 101.4 this morning.  I gave  her Motrin and it’s down to 100-which isn’t considered a fever for a baby (100.3 and higher is considered a fever) but she’s still feeling pretty ooky.

Shaun is out mountain biking with his mountain bike boot camp-he’s an instructor and couldn’t really miss, nor would I want him to.  When he gets home, I’m going to run the errands on my list.

I have my grocery list all ready to go.  For those of you iPhone users, I use Groceries, to make my list.  I LOVE IT! I no longer need a pen and paper when I go to the grocery store.  All I need is my phone and wallet.  You can keep multiple lists for multiple stores on it-I’m going to Whole Foods and Trader Joes today.  And it allows you to add things that aren’t in their database really easily.  My only complaint is that it assumes that you buy the same stuff every week and it’s kind of a pain to clear off the list and start over-well it takes 2 additional steps.

On the menu this week?

-Chicken Tacos

-Stuffed Peppers

-Pork Loin with Leeks and Potatoes

-Bul Kogi-Korean BBQ meat from Traders-one of Shaun’s favorites!

Lucy’s giving me wet sloppy kisses on the cheek right now-it’s the cutest thing ever!  She woke up so I gotta go.  She loved the butternut squash by the way!

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