Hard Few Days

Wow the last few days have been really difficult.  Lucy got the flu and it went from bad to worse.  Work is absolutely crazy right now and I couldn’t take a sick day so I spent yesterday at home with a coughing, congested, snotty, and PUKING Lucy while trying to get work done.  I did get it done but it was really difficult.  I felt like I was being a half good Mom and a half good Employee.  No good.  No good at all.

Lucy was better today and Shaun and I decided that she was okay to go to daycare.  She hadn’t had a temp since Sunday and hadn’t puked since noon on Monday. But when I got her to daycare and saw her next to healthy kids I realized how sick she still was.  She was better but being better from really sick still isn’t good.  It took me forever to leave daycare and when I did I just burst into tears.  I called Shaun and asked if he could come home during a meeting that I absolutely had to go to with no Lucy on my lap.  He said he could so I got off the freeway and went back to daycare to pick up Lucy.  I felt like such a BAD MOM leaving her there and I’m glad I was able to pick her up.

She was better today and I considered taking her back to daycare around 11 (all she needed was a really good nap) but Shaun took a 2 hour lunch and let me get work done and have my meeting.  This afternoon Lucy was like a whole new person-YAY!

Most of the time I’m really happy to be a working Mom.  The last 2 days? Not.At.All. I wish I could have just been Lucy’s Mommy and that’s it 🙁

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