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Being Chelsea=Being Sick

April 23rd, 2009 — 11:31am

I came down with a head cold on Monday and my life has been too crazy for me to sit down and take care of myself which has resulted in me feeling worse and not better.  I’m taking a sick day today to try and recover-it’s time for this Mommy to feel better!

I took Lucy to daycare this morning and it feels really odd to be at home without her.  Shaun thought though that it was a good idea for me to have some time to truly rest and I have to say that I agree.  I’ll be picking Lucy up early today but in the meantime I thought I’d write here and then go take an uninterrupted nap!  Something I haven’t had in a very.long.time.  At least 7 months or so!

Last night was a doozy.  Lucy went down around 7:45 and woke up at 11:45.  She didn’t go back down until 1:45.  Shaun tried to help me (after I yelled at him-sorry honey!) but lately Lucy really wants nothing to do with Daddy at night.  She gets mad when he goes in there and wakes up even more.  As I was rocking her she kept rubbing her eyes.  I knew that I had eaten something that had potential for having milk in it (Lucy is allergic to milk and since I’m nursing her I can’t eat ANYTHING with milk).  I thought she may be having an allergic reaction.  I got the children’s Benadryl out and of course it has no dosings for a baby.  I decided to call my pediatrician’s answering service and ask.  They nurse who called me back?  Was so.annoying.  Basically, some doctors don’t like to give babies Benadryl because it makes them super sleepy and they miss feedings.  So this call center nurse didn’t want to give me the dosing instructions (1/4 tsp for her weight-I looked it up), but kept trying to diagnose her itchy eyes over the phone at 1:15 am.  At this point Lucy was calming down and I just wanted to put her to sleep but I have help cat on the phone telling me to wash her face with a warm wash cloth and that pollen counts are high right now.  I was able to get her down after getting off the phone with him.  I didn’t use the Benadryl and it was probably my lack of sleep, my first time Mom-ness, and my being REALLY sick that made me thing that Benadryl was a good idea in the first place.

So, I get to back to bed at 1:45 and Lucy wakes up at 5.  I feed her, try to put her back down and she’s not having it.  I tried to put her in bed with us, she wants to play.  I finally woke Shaun up and told him that I needed some sleep (in a much nicer way than I did at midnight).  He got up with her and I was able to sleep until 7.

What is it with guys and not hearing babies? I was doped up on Benadryl last night and I still heard Lucy as soon as she woke up at 11:45.  Shaun didn’t even stir.  Same thing at 5 am.  I was sure last night that he was doing it just to spite me and because he really hated me.  Isn’t it nice what sleep deprivation and feeling like poo will do to your mind?  My husband is probably one of the most hands-on fathers I have ever seen and makes it very clear multiple times a day that he loves me very much. Exhausted Chelsea didn’t think so.

Well, I’ve gotta go pump and then I’m taking a nap.  I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pictures of Lucy:


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Hello World!

April 23rd, 2009 — 11:08am

Titles are going to be difficult to think of so I’ll start the blog with that-Hello World!

I’m really excited to start writing here.  I haven’t been writing as much as I’ve wanted in the past few months and I’ve missed it.  I’m hoping that Being Chelsea will be just the outlet I need to get it out of my head and down on “paper”.  When I made the decision to leave where I was journaling before I started looking back at my old entries and they said so much.  I wrote with abandon during my pregnancy and I’m so happy that I have a record of that to save and hopefully one day show Lucy.  I hope this can be that too.  If no one visits, I’m okay with that.  A year ago? I wouldn’t have been okay with that.  I’m not looking for validation.  I’m just looking to get it all down.  If others enjoy it, then great!  If not, oh well.

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