My parents arrived last night for a visit.  Shaun and I are staying on the couch and we gave them our bed.  That way Lucy can stay in her room with her regular nightly routine-it seems to be working out nicely.

I’m working from home today while they hang out with Lucy.  I think we’ll maybe venture to the park later this afternoon once I get everything done.

I do want to post later about boosting your supply-I think all of my tips (that I’ve gotten from various sources) could really help Cynthia (and anyone else who is struggling with supply).  I have a great group of breastfeeding ladies that I talk with and wow has it helped.  Support groups are wonderful!

Do you know that I’m actually considering breastfeeding longer than a year?  I’m not going to pump past a year (it is a PAIN) but I’m thinking about continuing to breastfeed in the morning and night.  We’ll see how I feel about this once we get closer to that point but before she was born I was a little freaked out by breastfeeding.  I know I wanted to do it and I knew that I wanted to do it until she was 1 but it creeped me out a bit.  Now I feel like it’s the most natural thing in the world and I’m not creeped out at all.  HOWEVER, I will not have a 4 year old attached to my boob.  I do understand now why woman get upset when they wean.  It’s like your baby isn’t your baby anymore-she’s all grown up!  Thankfully I have 4 and half more months until we hit a year.  I can’t believe that Lucy is 4 and half months away from being a year old!  It goes by so quickly.  Man, I thought life flew by fast before-once you have a kid it’s like you blink and they’re completely different.
She’s sleeping right now so I’ll need to post her daily picture later.  I think I forgot to take one yesterday too.  Boy am I ever a flake or what? 😉

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