So Much for Posting Every Day

Seriously. Life is INSANE. Work is insane and when I get home I just want to put the computer away and not think about anything. Sucky part is that I have to work this weekend which really just blows but I have a deadline and a deadline is a deadline and I have to meet it, right? If I want to keep my job I do.

We’re trying to plan a family vacation for August or September. That is SO exciting to me! We’re talking about either San Diego or Hawaii. Shaun’s a fan of San Diego and I’m a fan of Hawaii. I have a friend who lives in Hawaii who owns a house cleaning business. She cleans the vacation rentals. She can get us a condo with a kitchen and laundry that is right across the street from the beach for $110 a night. Plus, Lucy is free to fly until she’s 2. Once she turns 2 we have to pay for a ticket for her. I really hope this happens. I think Hawaii would be so great. Plus it would be a nice family vacation that we thought of and that we’re doing just for us. Since we have family all over the place, many of our vacations are spent visiting family. We love our family and love visiting them but I think a tropical vacation just sounds like fun. Hopefully it’ll pan out.

I think that’s all I have. I know I need to post about Mother’s Day and I promise I will, it’s just literally been go GO GO all week. And that gets a big BOO in my book.

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