What day is it?

I worked through the weekend and up until 10 PM last night to get an almost 100 page document delivered. My brain feels like it’s going to explode. I never want to work over a weekend again! I would only work when Lucy was napping or sleeping (I may have worked for an hour or two while Shaun played with her) but that meant that NOTHING got done at home. It was just crazy and not a good scene. The document is delivered. I reviewed it with the client and now hopefully things won’t be so hectic.

I got some really sad news today. In the grand scheme of things it’s not horrible but it’s sad for all parties involved nonetheless. Lucy’s main teacher is leaving the day care center June 12th 🙁 She and her husband were able to buy a house out in Tracy which is over an hour and a half away. I’m happy that she was able to buy a house but I’m oh so sad that we’re no longer going to have Ms. Azar. I got all teary when she told me-she did too. She’s worked there for almost 7 years and knows all the kids. I know she’s going to miss them so much and I’m going to miss her. Lucy is too-big time. Lucy gets excited when we go to daycare. Yesterday she even let out an excited scream when we entered and Ms. Azar is a big part of that. There are other teachers that she loves too. This is just going to be hard. Any ideas on what I should get her as a going away gift?

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