That’s More Like It

I think Lucy has been reading my blog 😉 Ever since my last post she has been pretty close to her “old self”. She’s been happier at night and even lets Daddy play with her while Mommy is in the kitchen/laundry room/bathroom. She also slept 8 PM – 5:30 AM straight through last night!!! We think she’s been cold. It has gotten warmer here and so we had started to just put her in fleece footed pjs with no sleep sack. Well, Shaun though that maybe she wasn’t sleeping because she was cold and suggested the sleep sack last night. It may be a coincidence but she slept like her old self again-that sleep sack is going on tonight-that’s for sure!

We’re headed down to Monterey tomorrow night for the weekend. Shaun has a Mountain Bike race there on Saturday. He’s really been looking forward to this and has been training since January, so it should be a lot of fun.

Lucy gets new foods every Wednesday and Saturday. I can’t decide if she’s going to get black beans or coconut milk on Saturday. Since she can’t have any dairy, I thought the coconut milk would be a great source of fat but black beans would be a great source of protein. Hmmmm. You’d think this was rocket science-really, it’s just feeding a baby 🙂

Oh and this just cracked Shaun and me up. Someone in my 18-unit building posted this above the garbage chute on our floor:



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