No Time for a Title

Seriously? Titles suck 😉

I’ve been so insanely busy at work that I just haven’t had much time for outside stuff. We went camping this weekend and that was fun but it means that I was out of town 2 weekends in a row and now have a lot of catching up to do at home. It seems that I’m always playing catch up. Either at work, at home, or here! My grand plans of having this blog with 2 daily posts and I can’t even manage one a week. I’ve become one of those really annoying people who blogs about needing to blog.

With that said, I don’t know what to write. Well, I can give you some fun Lucy activity:

-She’s started scooting all around. No crawling but she is mobile!
-She started really babbling this weekend and says Da Da a lot. We don’t know if she knows that that is Shaun but we try to reinforce that Shaun=Da Da.
-She has about 4 teeth trying to poke through.
-She’s started eating chicken and black beans and now feeds herself finger foods!
-I’m going to get cauliflower for her to try this week-I still haven’t tried the coconut milk-maybe this weekend.
-Sleep is still a struggle but we’re working on it. Last night she went to sleep without my nipple in her mouth-baby steps right?!?!?!?

In fun Chelsea and Shaun news-our 4-year wedding anniversary is next week and we’re going out to dinner-just the 2 of us. The last time that happened was in February-I’d say it’s time, wouldn’t you?

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