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October 2009 Menu

September 30th, 2009 — 10:16pm


I’ll post my weekly plan (with all my food) on Sunday.

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I’m back!

September 30th, 2009 — 1:40pm

And ready to get serious! I’m all our of excuses and who likes excuses anyway?

I literally have NO MORE EXCUSES:

-The “I just had a baby” excuse expired when she turned 1
-The “I’m tired” excuse expired when she started sleeping 12-13 hours a night
-The “I’m nursing” excuse is rapidly going away

IT’S TIME! I’m getting this weight off. 7 years ago I went from 200 pounds to 124 pounds. I did it sensibly and steadily. I did it by cutting out the sugar, eating whole foods every 2-3 hours, writing down what I ate, and exercising.

It technically starts tomorrow for me (October 1st) but I’m ready to basically start TODAY. I packed my food today, I’ve already had my breakfast, snack, and lunch. I AM having a not as healthy as I want it to be dinner tonight but that’s to get it out of the house and not waste the food and it’s actually not that bad. Tomorrow-it’s ON!

I’m also restarting P90X on Monday morning.

I put together a dinner menu for the month of October last night and think I’ll plan my lunches every week

A good friend sent me a great lunch bag yesterday that will be fun to pack every night after Lucy goes to bed.

I also bought a new crock pot last night because my current crock pot cooks WAY too hot and dries out all my meat. I looked at reviews for crock pots and that was common complaint. My new one has great reviews and 2 friends have it and agree. It should get her on Friday. A crock pot is the working Moms best friend 😉

Oh oh oh! Guess what else I’ve been doing? Knitting! I almost have a sweater done for Lucy. I went to knit night last Wednesday and will be going again tonight.

I guess Lucy turning 1 really gave me the kick in the butt I needed.

BTW-Hawii was AWESOME. Here are some pictures:

Our Hotel is off in the distance:


Lucy our first day there:


The start of our 8 mile hike:


Super Dad:


Nursing Mom!:


What we hiked to see:




Family Portrait:


My hiking buddies:


An example of the craziness that we hiked up and down (Shaun really is Super Dad!):


I mean really:


Lucy and her friend Jessica:


Lucy decided to feed herself:


Poipu Beach (We forgot our camera for our favorite beach):


Mommy really wanted a picture with Lu and Lu wanted NOTHING to do with it:


Then we got a cute one but evidently my husband only thinks Lu is worth taking pictures of (notice my face on the left side of the picture):


The view at the end of another hike:


This hike was in the pouring rain-that’s not sweat-it’s rain!:


Wet Lu:


The army family:


Me, Shaun, Lucy, and our Hawaiian friends (who we LOVE) Kelli and Jessica:


My Hula Girl:


My favorite picture of all time:

Lucy Standing Unassisted in the Water:


Happy Girl!


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All that Spam!!!

September 10th, 2009 — 4:03pm

I cleaned up all the Spam and installed the spam filter that Kath recommended. I already had it installed but it was inactive for some reason. Humpf.

I went yesterday and got my hair cut, my brows waxed, and another wax in preparation for Hawaii ;). I’ve been growing my brows out since the horrible threading incident of June 25th! I only remember the date because it was my wedding anniversary. I got a recommendation from a friend (with great brows), I looked up her recommendation on Yelp! and she had hundreds-literally HUNDREDS of great reviews. I went in and she took half of my left eyebrow off. Seriously. You can see it in this picture:

no eyebrow

Notice how they are both VERY thin and the left one just disappears? It’s a shame too because threading really does a great job of removing the hair. I think the lady just had an off day and she messed up and rather than owning up to it she just made it worse. Oh well, it was a learning experience and my eyebrows are almost back to normal. It’s amazing how much better I feel when my brows look good <-- Wow that makes me sound like such a girly girl! I love that picture though. My husband's clone actually somewhat looks like me in that picture-I think it's the smile. Work is getting less hectic but it's still insane and OF COURSE they're making my last days in the office just jammed pack. ARG. I will NOT work past 5 PM tomorrow. I still have to pack! I have almost everything out but I have to physically put it in the suitcases and get everything ready. I was up at 12:30 last night worrying about that. Here's what my schedule DID look like: Up at 6:30-Nurse Lucy, Get Ready for Work 7:45-Drop Lucy off at Daycare 8:30-5:30 Work 5:30-Drive home-pick up Lucy on Tuesday and Thursday. 6-Make Dinner 6:30-Eat Dinner 7-Put Lucy down 7:30-Get Lucy's bottles and food ready for daycare 8-until I finished-Work-most nights 10 or 11 Sleep. Cut out the working after 8 and that's my day for the last 2 weeks or so. Still hectic but doable. Man getting dinner on the table by 6:30 is HARD. I think it's really important for us to eat as a family and I don't like making Lucy something different so most nights we eat as a family. Yes Lucy is eating what we eat now with a few supplements 😉 She is such a big girl. I have a TODDLER now. She's not quite walking on her own but she is OH so close. I don't know if she'll be walking by her first birthday but I'm sure soon after, I'll have a walker. Today I turned in my hospital grade pump. I only have one pump session left today. 2 tomorrow and then I get a break while I'm in Hawaii and then I'll only be pumping once a day for the following week and then I'm DONE. DONE. DONE. I am SO over pumping. I'm actually pretty much over breastfeeding but then we'll have these sweet sessions and I get all sad. I'll miss it but I'm ready to move on. It just means my little baby is growing up. Which is wonderful and sad (bittersweet) all at the same time. Okay, I should get back to it.

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Remember me?

September 10th, 2009 — 12:55am

I’m still alive. It’s probably a bad time to “start” writing again since we’re leaving for Hawaii in 3 days (yippee btw!). I really miss writing and getting it all out. Once you stop, it’s hard to start again. Work just got too crazy for me to keep up on anything. I’m stalled at the same weight-7 pounds from where I was when I got pregnant. Sleep wins over working out most if not all days (I always said that I’d never be one of THOSE people and I am).


Life is really great. I LOVE my life and I’m so thankful for it. Lucy turns 1 in less than two weeks (OMFG!) and it’s seriously been the best year (by far) of my life. Hard but awesome. Once we get back from Hawaii weaning starts in earnest and I’m ready. I’ll miss it and it makes me sad that that chapter is ending but I’m ready to have my body back. I could actually go work out in the morning and not have to worry about A) my boobs exploding and B) how Lucy is going to get fed.

I should go to bed (I’m tapping this out on my iPhone) hopefully more tomorrow 🙂

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