November 2009 Menu

I’m feeling a bit better.  I’d say 70%.  I’ll be working from home tomorrow and I hope back to 100% by Wednesday.  I wasn’t able to keep the soup down at lunch but I was able to have a protein shake at 5 and then I had dinner-Teriyaki Chicken and “Fried” rice.  Lucy ate like a madwoman today (making up for Mommy).  She had 3/4 of a large avocado, 1 chicken thigh, a LARGE helping of “fried” rice, and 3 Healthy Times cookies.  I swear I don’t know where that kid puts it.  This is after she had crackers and milk at 3, yogurt at 4, and crackers and cheese at 5 at daycare.

Anyway.  I felt good enough to put together my menu for this month.  It features a lot of crock pot recipes.  I LOVE my new crock pot. Here’s the plan:

November Menu

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