Thyroid? Nope.

Sigh.  I had my annual yesterday (JOY!) and I talked to my doctor about how slowly the weight is coming off.  He immediately suggested testing my thyroid.  His nurse called today and my thyroid is completely normal so it’s not that.  It’s good that my thyroid is okay but I really wish that I didn’t weigh what I did. He suggested talking to my general doctor and I guess I will.  I need to not get discouraged.

Here’s my weight loss over the last month and a half:


My friend Elaina’s goal is to not gain any weight over the holidays.  I like that goal.  I’d like to lose weight but we’ll see if that happens.  I guess I’ll call it a success if I don’t gain weight.  Although the thought of being 160 STILL on January 1st is very depressing.  I was 153.5 the day I found out I was pregnant.  It would be nice to be close to there come January 1st.

Here I am now.


You’d think with all the hard work I’m putting in that that would be doable.  Maybe I’m kidding myself and not working hard?  Who knows?

What a depressing post.  Sorry!  I’m not going to give up.  I’m going to continue to eat well and exercise and maybe I’ll make a few tweaks.  I do feel much better and I need to focus on that!

Something that’s not depressing?



Today I’m thankful for my open relationship (not THAT kind!) with my husband. I’m so glad we can talk about things and problem solve together!

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