I have a Confession..

We keep a very clean house (that’s not my confession).  Shaun is very neat and I’m very clean-it’s a clean house match made in heaven!  We also have cleaning people that come in once every two weeks and give the house a deep clean.  I want to spend my weekends with Lu and Shaun, not cleaning, so this is a necessary item that we budget for. If I ever get to stay home this would be the very first thing that would get cut.  ANYWAY, our house is always clean EXCEPT for my one downfall…


FOLDING LAUNDRY.  Yes that’s 2 weeks of CLEAN laundry just waiting to be folded.  I’m GREAT at doing laundry, just awful at actually folding it. And, the worst part? I won’t let Shaun fold my laundry.  He doesn’t do it right (I’ve tried to get over this and just can’t) and so I fold my laundry and all the towels-he tried to fold towels and I re-fold (I truly wish I wasn’t such a control freak-I’ve tried people, I’ve really tried!).  We’re about 50/50 on Lu’s laundry. So that pile right there? About 10% of it is Shaun’s since he folded last weekend.  I’ve promised that I will get that folded by weekend’s end.  It looks like I’d rather blog about it than fold it-HA!

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that folds laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer and I think the only time I accomplished that was when I was on maternity leave. OH another reason for me to stay home-I’ll get folding done….maybe…

While I’ve been avoiding folding laundry I have been doing MORE laundry, cleaning up from Thanksgiving (that’s all done) and DECORATING!  I’ve only just begun but I’ve got my angels out.

Front Door:


Entryway closet doors:



We have a living tree that will come off the balcony tonight and we’ll trim it 🙂 I think we’ll have to do some ACTUAL trimming to get it to not look so Charlie Brownish!


Once Lu gets up from her nap we’re going to brave the crowds and go Christmas shopping.  We think we can get it all done this weekend.  Plus, Shaun REALLY needs some clothes so we’re going to try and take advantage of the sales-I hope all the good stuff isn’t gone.  I should also look for a Christmas outfit for Lu.

Our hike got pushed to tomorrow since Shaun is tired and sore from his epic mountain bike ride yesterday.  It will happen though.  We did go on a nice long (1.5 hour) walk this morning so I’m feeling good about that.

I hope you’re all having as nice a long weekend as I am!


Today I’m grateful that Shaun and I both have good jobs and that we aren’t struggling right now.  So many people are.  We have a giving tree at work and I can’t wait to take a few “wants” and go get gifts for the less fortunate!

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