Happy Holidays!


Yeah, that was the only time she cried yesterday.  Santa is evidently quite scary.  Does it make me a horrible Mom that I laugh every time I see this?  Probably.

Here she is seconds later, thinking “GET ME AWAY FROM HIM”:


And here she is minutes later:


She recovered.  Here’s her new favorite thing to do-kiss HERSELF:


I’m ignoring the germs.

In other news-I got up this morning and went to the gym.  I ran on the treadmill and it sucked.  I feel great now that I’ve done it but while doing it (with no headphones to watch tv) it was PAINFUL. I got through it though.  I’m now eating my oatmeal and Barney Butter and I packed a delicious lunch for the day.  Today is going to be a GREAT day!

Yesterday I made some more pumpkin butter!  To go along with theme of this post (HAPPY HOLDIDAYS!) I’m going to do a a pumpkin butter giveaway!

Pumpkin Butter Giveaway


Since the pumpkin butter is not technically shelf stable (even though I DID can it) I’m going to need to overnight the frozen pumpkin butter to you. You’ll need to be able to receive a package from UPS on Friday, December 11th (that’s this Friday) and I’ll only be able to do U.S. Residents 🙁

If you’d like to enter, in the comments, tell me what your favorite holiday food is.  I’ll use a random integer generator to decide on the winner.  The giveaway is open until 12 noon on Wednesday, December 9th. I’ll announce the winner after that and I’ll need your address in time for my UPS stop on Thursday!

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