Old Friends…

I met up with one of my oldest (if not the oldest) friend today.  We’ve known each other since we were about 5 (?) but haven’t seen each other since high school-ten plus years ago, or in other words, way too long!  She recently just moved up here to work for Condoleezza Rice as a researcher.  She’s the first to tell you that it has nothing to do with politics. Leisel’s working for her at Stanford.  I love that a girl from Bakersfield is now working for the former Secretary of State.  She’s one badass girl!

Here we are 20+ years later:


She says she has 20 year old pictures of us from back in the day and I cannot wait for her to scan them in and send them to me.

It was a seriously wonderful lunch.  The food was pretty good too:


My favorite Leisel story is when we were in 1st grade, it was raining out and we had to stay in at lunch recess. We decided that it would be a GREAT idea for her to pull one of my teeth.  She wanted to pull one and I wanted money so we thought this was a fantastic idea.  Oh, did I mention that my tooth wasn’t loose?  Yeah, it wasn’t.  She pulled it out and I spewed blood EVERYWHERE.  It was great.  Thank god we chose a baby tooth and not a permanent one! Sadly, I didn’t get my money


It was so great to catch up and I cannot wait to see each other more! Lucy has to meet Aunt Leisel!

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