Sick Kiddo :(

We just got back from Lu’s 15 month appointment.  The good news? No shots.  The bad news? She couldn’t get the shots because she’s sick.  She’s had a dry cough now for about 2 weeks but only when she’s laying down and it hasn’t been very bad.  Last night was a different story.  She coughed all night and woke up at 2:30 and didn’t go back to sleep until 5.  The awful cough continued this morning but still wasn’t too bad.  Once we got to the doctor it got much worse.  Her doctor listened to her chest for a long time and thinks  that she is fine but if she gets a fever he wants her in ASAP to get a chest x-ray especially since the cough is getting worse.  Poor thing.

Laying on Mommy’s lap:


Her stats from the appointment:

Height: 28.75 inches (15th percentile-down from the 50th!)
Weight: 19.4 pounds (8th percentile-holding steady)

He said that she’s pretty advanced with her verbal skills and with her fine motor skills.  She has around 10-20 words right now and has started putting phrases together: “I read” while flipping through a book, “I do it” when she doesn’t want help (I hear this one alot) and she also signs together “More” and then “Please” that usually only happens for cookies though :)  The fact that she’s feeding herself with a spoon and spearing things with her spork (she only gets food on her spork about 20% of the time right now) is really great as well.  He also commented that she was very calm 15 month old.  He said that his 15 month old appointments are usually full of protests and wriggling.  She just sat in Mommy’s lap-I think part of it had to do with her not feeling well but she is also a very calm little one.

On the growth he said that he’s not worried about her height percentile falling off so much.  He said that once they hit a year old they really find what growth pattern they’ll hold to and that she’ll probably be a shortie like her Mommy and Daddy.

See why I didn’t think she was too terribly sick?:


(thank goodness for childproof covers!)

I was supposed to do this today:

-Lu’s check-up
-Drop Lu off at daycare
-PO to pick up packages
-Dentist Appointment
-Make Tamales
-Wrap Presents
-Clean Up

Now I think it’ll be more like this:

-Lu’s check-up (done)
-Dentist Appointment (Shaun’s going to come home and stay with her for that)
-Take care of sick child
-Make Tamales (hopefully!)

I hope she starts feeling better soon!  There’s not much worse than seeing your kiddo sick 🙁


*I took all these pictures before her appointment when she wasn’t feeling as bad as she is now.  I wouldn’t knowingly torture my sick child with pictures and self portraits 😉

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