20 + 10 Check-In, 1/31/10

To tell the truth, I don’t feel like this week went so hot.  I was very tempted to just skip this check-in BUT that’s not what this is about, right?  There are good weeks and bad weeks.  So let’s see.

1. Stop putting myself down.  Treat me like I would want others to treat Lucy. This has been going well.

2. Eat something green every day. Check!

3. Eat 2 servings of fruit every day. Check!

4. Completely cut out dairy. Check!

5. Get back on my bike. Not yet.

6. Do something only for me 1 hour each week. Not so much.

7. Do something with Shaun that doesn’t include me sitting on the computer and him on the XBox or us watching TV for 1 hour each week. Not just the 2 of us this week.

8. Dress nicely, including putting on make-up, at least 3 times a week. Check!

9. Clean out Lucy’s drawers. Nope.

10. Clean out and organize the filing cabinet. Nope.

11. Complete Lucy’s birth book. Nope.

12. Become a faster walker. If you can speed train for running, you can sure as hell do it for walking.  I went on 2 walks this weekend and both were markedly faster.

13. Send out thank you notes in a more timely fashion and to everyone that deserves one. I’m caught up to Christmas now.  I need to get my Christmas ones out and then I’ll be golden. Yes I had some from before Christmas.

14. Feed myself healthy food and exercise, trust myself. I could have done better this week.

15. Save my personal money for a new wardrobe. The phone kind of derailed this one.  I’m down to about $300. Not bad-not great.

16. Be on top of my budget and update Quicken every 2 weeks. I need to do this by tomorrow.

17. Severely limit my computer and phone time when I’m with Lucy.  On weekdays, I should never use them when she’s awake and on weekends, I should use them sparingly when she’s awake. Check!

18. Get the bird out 4 times a week. Twice this week.

19. To appease my husband, never let the gas tank get below 1/2 a tank. Check!

20. Improve on my photography. Still working on it.

And, the original 10 in 2010:

1. Take time out every day to simply enjoy my daughter. Check!

2. Try not to look too far forward or lament the past.  Check!

3. Drink more water-at least 70 ounces per day. Check!

4. Use my juicer A LOT. I only used it twice this week, I’d like to step that up this week.

5. Go to the gym more often than not. Check!

6. Eat healthfully-don’t put anything in my mouth that I wouldn’t feed Lucy. This one is so similar to 14 from above now that I’m changing it to: Floss EVERY day.

8. Run to the top of Waterdog Lake Road, while pushing Lucy, without stopping and back. Check! Walked it today-nice and fast.

9. Post at least 365 times in 2010.  I can post 3 times a day or skip a day but I want my average to be 1 post per day. Working on it.

10. Fold my laundry by Sunday night. Big fail.  I did 2 weeks worth of laundry today 🙁

How’s it going for you?  We’re at the end of January now, are your resolutions sticking with you?

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