Feeling Less Overwhelmed

If you missed it, my blood results came in and here’s the scoop.

Sorry, no pictures again on this post.  I’ve been processing a lot and haven’t been focusing on the camera. 

Actually, will this tide you over?

Lucy yawning while in Mommy’s tummy:


One of my favorite pictures of Lucy (she was 4 months old):


And some food porn:


Okay, back to what’s been consuming me since yesterday. Yes, it is a lot to digest but I do think it’s manageable.  Some things that I didn’t mention yesterday was that I asked her if it was normal for her to see this many things out of whack and she said that it isn’t necessarily BUT that all of my “out of whack” numbers point towards definite patterns.  They are NOT all over the place but rather paint a pretty complete picture of what’s going on with me.  That’s good news.  I also forgot to mention that I’ll be doing acupuncture with her twice a month. I think that will be good.

After I talked to Shaun about it his response was, “that can’t be YOUR blood work-there’s so much wrong!” I thought about it and it actually doesn’t surprise me.  I’m an optimist and like to see the glass half full but if I’m being really honest, I haven’t felt GOOD in a REALLY long time.  I’ve actually felt REALLY BAD for quite some time.  It makes sense that my blood work is that “wrong”.  It does make me REALLY mad that no other doctor took me seriously or could figure out this issue.  It also doesn’t surprise me because my Mom has many of these same issues.  My Mom eats gluten free but is also vegan.  Eating this way has really helped her.

Let me answer some of your questions.  Actually, before that I wanted to thank you all for all the support you showed.  There were some mighty nice things said and I truly appreciate it.


Have you thought about seeing an Endocrinologist?

Yes.  It’s on my list of things to do 🙂

Will all of these “rules” be forever?

NO!  That’s the good news.  We’re working to detoxify my body right now and as I start to feel better I can add things in and see how I do with them.  I’m very hopeful (as is the doctor) that I will be a pretty “normal” eater once I get everything regulated.  I may always need to be gluten free though. Sigh.

I guess those were really the two big questions.  Everyone else just gave me a lot to ponder (and lots of love!). 

I really appreciate all the support and I’m really hopeful that things will start to look better.  I’m also extremely thankful that I’m already part of this community and that I already know what much of this stuff is (food wise).  I can’t imagine how overwhelming it would be if I were eating a “normal” American diet and I got this one.  I think I would freak out.  At least I have THAT going for me 😉

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