The Plague Strikes Again

First me, then Shaun, now Lu. I’m at home with a sick Lu today.  I took her into the doctor this morning because I heard a rasp in her lungs when she woke up.  They said that she “only” has a cold and that she should be just fine.  She sitting happily playing with Legos right now so that’s good news.

I got up this morning and went to Boot Camp.  It was extremely tempting to sleep in since I stayed up later than I had wanted watching the boys suck it up on American Idol.  I didn’t sleep in though, I went!  I had a GENIUS idea too.  I started some oats in the rice cooker and they were cooked perfectly when I got home.



I mixed in some maple syrup, coconut butter and topped with sunflower seed meal.  ‘Twas delicious!  Lu helped me with this bowl (and very cutely fed me) and then had one the same size herself (minus the coconut and sunflower seeds).

When I said yesterday that I was going to stop taking pictures of everything I ate, that didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to take pictures at all :)  Don’t worry, you’ll see your food porn here!  In fact, I took pictures of last nights dinner to show that leftovers don’t have to be ugly.  We had leftover meatloaf and I thought the plate was pretty.

Here’s Shaun’s:


And mine:


I got some cute pictures of Lu yesterday too.  My Mom sent her some hot pink Ugg style boots.  She was also wearing the clothes that Mimi got her for Valentine’s Day. So I tried to get some pictures.



She LOVES my lens cap 🙂

To follow up on some comments from yesterday.

Peeling Chickpeas: peeling chickpeas for hummus makes a MUCH smoother and yummier hummus.  It’s totally worth the extra time in my book.  My sister’s Lebanese friend taught her the trick and I’m glad she did.

Roasting Chickpeas: I coated about a cans worth of chickpeas with about a TBSP of olive oil, 1 TBSP of cumin, 1 TBSP of chili powder, and 1 tsp of salt.  I roasted them for about 25 minutes, shaking the pan up (to stir) about halfway through cooking.

Finally, I’ll leave you with the best Shaunism in awhile.  I was doing my skin brushing and Shaun came into the bathroom to talk to me while I was doing it.  I said to him, “See, isn’t this weird?  How could it be helping?”  He said, “Something’s helping.  You need to just keep doing it.  Heck if she told you to stand on your head and jump on one leg at the same time, I’d figure out how to do it because you’re pooping AND sleeping.  KEEP doing it.”  I love how supportive my husband is 🙂

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