BIG Sandwich!

Shaun had a mountain bike race this weekend (he did GREAT BTW!) and I made him a BIG Sandwich to take down to Monterey.  My parents used to make BIG Sandwich in the summer and I have very fond memories.  Sadly, I don’t see any BIG Sandwich in my future.  It is decidedly NOT Gluten Free!



-1 loaf of French bread
-Wishbone Italian dressing
-3/4 pound turkey
-3/4 pound ham
-1/2 pound salami
-1/2 pound provolone
-Sliced pickles (I’m very partial to Clausens)
-Sliced pepperoncinis
-Tomatoes (if desired)
-Thinly sliced purple onion (if desired)


-Cut the bread in half.

-Spread mayo and mustard on bread and then squirt Italian dressing on both sides of the bread and spread that.

-Starting with cheese, line BOTH sides of the bread evenly with cheese.

-Then layer the meat evenly on both sides of the bread.

-Next, put the pickles and pepperoncinis (and onion if using) on the bottom bread piece.  Carefully, place the top of the bread on top of the bottom of the bread.


-Serve tomatoes on the side as they’ll make the sandwich too mushy.

-Cut the sandwich into about 2 inch sections.

-Stand back and watch while people groan in appreciation.

Shaun, hands down, rates this a 5 out of 5.  I don’t make it THAT often though because it is NOT CHEAP.  He had a big group of his mountain bike friends over to his car after their race and they ate BIG Sandwich and had beers.  Shaun reports that I am a “Goddess” in his friends eyes.  I can deal with that. 😉

I made that right before bed on Friday night and had dreams of eating French Bread and cookies all night long. 🙂

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