It’s POM Summer Menu Series time again! 

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This week I was charged with making a cocktail and I instantly knew what I wanted to make-a Pomegranate Mojito or what I lovingly named it, a POMijito!




-3 large mint leaves
-2 TBSP of sugar
-Juice of 2 limes
-1 jigger of Rum
-1 jigger of POM Wonderful
-Splash of 7-Up


-Muddle together the mint and 1 TBSP of sugar-just enough to get the oils of the mint on the sugar-no need to pulverize it (it’s tempting!)


-Add the mint/sugar mixture to a glass.


-Add remaining sugar, rum, lime juice, and POM Wonderful to the glass and stir well.


-Add ice and top off with 7-Up (or Sprite or Sierra Mist). Garnish with mint (optional).



My sister claims to be a Mojito expert and even did a blind taste testing with multiple friends of 7-Up vs. simple syrup and 7-Up won hands down.  I DECLARE that my sister *IS* a Mojito expert.  This was awesome.  It was very refreshing and just the thing for a 4th of July BBQ-which is exactly what we had.

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Next week, I’ll be making a POMerific salad!

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