Will it EVER Wear Off?

My complete HIGH from our move?  I LOVE it here.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  I hope this feeling never goes away.

I went for my first run on Tuesday.  Here’s the trail that is literally 100 feet from my backyard:




I do have to start climbing some of the foothills once I get past about a mile but that’s fantastic too!

This trail also takes us to the park:


That’s about 10 minutes away, 20 minutes if Lucy is “walking”-i.e. picking up rocks, chasing butterflies (and saying “pretty butterflies”), etc.


I took her yesterday for my “lunch hour” and she was so cute.  She LOVED this fire truck and thought it was REALLY cool when the boys jumped in the back and she got to “drive” them.  According to the boys, Lu was Princess Leia.


In other ridiculously cute Lu news, she was home with me yesterday while I worked.  I was on the phone with my manager for my weekly meeting when she comes strolling out in this hat from my closet:


She picked it out and put it on herself-it totally matches.  She wore it for a good 45 minutes.

Like my living room? HA!  My sister is letting us borrow those chairs for right now and while I’m working, Lu has free reign, hence the bears, cd (we gave that one to her as a toy-no worries it does NOT go to the Netflix that you see in the distance), Netflix paper, etc. on the floor.

She has definitely hit the “terrible twos”.  WOW.  She’s awesome and sweet as always BUT can she ever throw a fit when she doesn’t get her way.  We NEVER give in, so I’m wondering when our persistence is going to pay off?  Hopefully it will!

It’s nice being home with her more often.  She does have a sitter that comes either to my house or my sister’s house but I see her SO MUCH MORE.  She is loving having a backyard and going “ow-sigh!!!”  We did sidewalk chalk the other day and she thought it was “Cool” to color outside.



Every night, before bed, she runs through the hose and get’s a “hose shower”.

We’ve also been eating outside almost everyday.  Our grill has already paid for itself!!!

Life is grand :)  I hope it NEVER wears off.

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