I expect perfection from myself.  I’m pretty positive that the majority of you out there reading this feel the exact.same.way.  When I don’t do something up to “my standards” and I am less than perfect I belittle, berate, and basically, I am downright mean to myself.  The funny thing is that I don’t expect perfection out of ANYONE else in my life and give most people a TON of leeway before I even get annoyed. I would never even dream of talking to someone else the way that I talk to me.

I’ve been working on this. HARD.  I have gotten better but I’ve definitely slipped into some of my old habits and I feel and hear a lot of those negative voices getting loud again.  I’m trying my hardest to quiet them and make the confident NICE voices much louder. What can I say? I’m a work in progress.

I will say that overall, I have gotten much better with myself and that I am growing.  HOWEVER, I made a mistake at work last week.  That’s something that I rarely do and WOW it sent me into a major tailspin that I’m just recovering from.  It’s taken me A WEEK to get over making one mistake at work. Huh? Wha? Come again? One mistake that my boss wasn’t even upset about.  That needs to change, right?

My Mom always used to say that she didn’t need to punish me because I would punish myself enough.  Old habits die hard.

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