I Found Something More Painful Than Natural Childbirth

I think most of you know that I gave birth to Lucy with no pain medicine.  I did have pitocin to speed up delivery but other than that, I had a natural childbirth.  It was the most painful but awesome thing I had ever experienced. Unfortunately on Friday night I found something that is more painful than childbirth and has NONE of the rewards.

A UTI that spread to my right kidney-causing a kidney infection. The first symptom was at 11 PM and by 2 AM, I was in so much pain that I was in tears. Every time I went to the bathroom (which was every 2 minutes) it felt like Lucy crowning (the VERY worst part of labor which only happens once). Plus I was starting to get pain in my back and was feeling dizzy. I called my doctor’s after hours clinic and the nurse listened to my symptoms and advised me to get to the Emergency Room immediately.  She told me that if I did pass out that Shaun was to call 911-way to scare me!

When I got to the ER, they took a sample and my urine looked like this:

image [source]

(That’s not really my urine-that’s a glass of cranberry juice).  They couldn’t believe it. I was given 2 different pain meds and an antibiotic and sent on my merry way. The doctor told me that if I felt worse to come back in to the ER.

I didn’t feel worse over the weekend but I definitely didn’t feel any better. This weekend was just awful.

I woke up this morning and was very nauseas and vomiting.  I got right into my doctor.  He took one look at me and hooked me up to an IV.  I got 2 bags of fluids and a different kind of antibiotic. Apparently, the antibiotic that they gave me in the ER wasn’t working.  I’m on a different one, plus Zofran for anti-nausea, and the 2 different pain meds, plus strict orders that if I feel worse to call my doctor immediately.

He still thinks I have a kidney infection but I could possible have a kidney stone or renal lacerations. If, on Wednesday, I’m still feeling awful, I’ll get an MRI to see if that’s the case.

I seriously wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

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