Perspective and Perception

I’ve been a little obsessed with learning everything I can about body weight training and high intensity interval training.  I’ve been on the A LOT since Friday-watching old videos, putting together exercise routines for myself, looking at form.  What this means is that I’m seeing Zuzana over and over and over again. It’s kind of sad actually, I’ve been singing the words to “Oh, Susana” in a Russian-esque accent all weekend.

I digress.  Anyway I’ve seen hundreds of images like this:




She’s a phenom! She’s like scary cut.  Shaun actually saw a video and said, “She’s too cute for me.”  My goal is not to look like her.  I know that I probably could (minus the big fake boobies) but it would take a lot of sacrifices that I don’t want to make (hello carbs-I love you!). NOR do I think I need to look like that.  I just want to be in good shape and feel comfortable in my body.  I can tell you that I understand why she has a boob job (not that big of one though Winking smile), when I was training for the ironman, I got visible pecs under my boobies and they were not cute-AT ALL.

Anyway, I post all of this because I had something very interesting happen to me last night.  I was looking at another blog that I frequent where the writer posts a lot of pictures of herself and writes about her workouts.  I’ve always thought that this person is in great shape and a total inspiration.  Last night though, I found myself thinking “She looks a little squishy.” “Wow she’s not cut at all.” “Did she gain weight?”

A. These are totally inappropriate thoughts to have about someone.

B. She’s the same size and shape that she’s always been.  I’ve just been inundated with pictures of Zuzana and my perception is completely skewed.

This happened in 48 hours! Crazy. 

Of note-I have felt REALLY GREAT about myself and have not turned those thoughts that I had about someone else onto me.  That is really big deal.

I also saw someone at the gym today who had on a hat for the 2009 Boise Half Ironman.  I didn’t even think twice before asking her about it.  A few months ago I never would have asked her because I would have been too embarrassed by how out of shape I was.  That’s just silly and I’m glad I recognize that.  We had a great talk and she highly encouraged me to join the tri club at the Y.  She said that it’s fantastic.  I can’t wait!

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