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Thankful Thursdays

November 11th, 2010 — 1:47pm

Last year I posted something that I was thankful for everyday the month of November. I loved it and fully planned to do it again this year.  The wedding in Mexico sort of derailed the beginning of my November though and I completely forgot.  My friend Stephanie (who is a frequent commenter) started doing it on Facebook and I remember how awesome it was.  I was going to do do 2 things a day to make up for the 10 days that I missed but then I decided to do it for a full year!  SO.  Every Thursday will be Thankful Thursday around here until Thanksgiving 2011.  That’s 54 things to be thankful for.

Today?  I’m thankful for our veterans.  You have given up so much to keep America free.  Thank you.


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November 10th, 2010 — 2:13pm

My brother got married this weekend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  I always hesitate to post when I’m going to be out of town because I worry that someone will break into my house or cyber hack me.  Is that weird?

We had a really great time.  Such a great time that I forgot to really take pictures.  I guess I was too busy enjoying myself Smile  I didn’t even get pictures of Lucy and Tessa as flower girls-oops!  There are plenty of those from other people though and I’ll just have to wait until they are posted to share them with you.

My Mom and Dad, Aunt and Uncle, my sister and her family, and my family all shared a villa.  It was gorgeous and so much fun to just hang out with everyone.

Tessa enjoying breakfast:


The guys went fishing on Friday and caught a TON of tuna.  Here’s about 1/100th of it:


That is by far the freshest sashimi I have ever had!

These next few are blurry but oh so cute.  My Mom got the girls crowns for the rehearsal dinner.  They loved them!


Lucy helping Mimi decorate for the rehearsal dinner that we hosted at our villa:



The awesome Marichis that my brother hired-SO FUN!


Single for one more night!


I love this picture of them:


There was lots of diaper time!




No really.


Did you know that they only make Cheetos, Fritos, and sugary cereals in Mexico?  No?  That’s what the girls think.


There was beach time. We went twice but I only got one picture?!?!


And, the only picture I took at the wedding?


That’s the father-of-the-bride’s dessert plate.

Perhaps it was all the killer Aunt Marci margaritas?

P.S. My aunt, sister, and I squeezed 6 quarts of lime juice, by HAND, for the rehearsal dinner.  We love my brother.  It took us 4 hours.  It was worth it. YOM.

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November 2nd, 2010 — 9:29am

Wow! What a weekend! Lu got to wear her costume at least 5 times this weekend.  She loved it!  We’ve washed it and I’m sure it’ll be making an appearance again!

The first event? Playgroup where they practiced with their costumes, “bobbed for apples” (scooped crab apples) and “trick or treated” (they knocked on doors and Moms would open them and give them a block in their bucket-it was cute!

“Bobbing for apples”:



Lucy (the Giraffe) and Tessa (the Zebra) on their way to The Y Party:


There were too many people there for Lu’s taste but Tessa LOVED it:


On Saturday we went to the Boise Philharmonic Philharmonsters, first there was activities-an instrument petting zoo where Lu tried to play a violin but REALLY liked the xylophone.  Lu wanted her face painted but couldn’t get the nerve up to let the lady do it.  Mommy, Auntie Lala, and Tessa all got hearts but Lu wasn’t so sure.  After the activities, the different sections of the Philharmonic (strings, wind, horns) played spooky music. We were running into lunch and naptime and the girls lasted about 30 minutes.  It was really neat.  Here we are before going in:

Library - 12003

Shaun got an ear infection this weekend and while he slept it off and after Lu’s nap, I went grocery shopping and Lucy hung out with Auntie Lala and Tessa.  Auntie Lala figured out how to get Lucy to wear her giraffe hood-wings!

Library - 12016

It’s a fairy giraffe!

Library - 12028

Library - 12017

On Halloween, we took the girls in the wagon down to Harrison Street. 


On our way there we saw a beautiful double rainbow. What does it mean?!?!


Harrison Street is CRAZY on Halloween.  We just went to check it out and visit our friends that live there. They stop when they hit 1,000 trick or treaters!!! This was at 5:15-I can’t imagine it at 7 or 8!


Look at these pumpkins!


Trick or Treating was a success!


Next up? Unkie Jake and Aunt Amy’s wedding in Mexico!!

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