Thankful Thursday a Few Days Late

I was in Seattle on business on Thursday and didn’t get a chance to post.  Since getting home I had work explode, I got puked on by a 2 year old that wasn’t Lu (good thing I love this little 2 year old with all my heart), and thought Lu had pneumonia but it ended up being “just” a bad cold and ear infection. It’s been a crazy week!

What’s important to me though, is that every Thursday I stop and think, and know what I am thankful for.  The truth is that I’m thankful for so many things in my life that this isn’t hard but I still think it’s a good exercise and it’s good to be mindful of what I am truly thankful for.

This week?

I’m thankful for my BFF Elaina.

(Warning-crappy cell phone photos ahead!)


We used to see each other  We sat right across from each other at work and talked all day long-no joke.  Either with words or with IMs.  Now that we’ve both moved (we actually both moved from the Bay Area within 2 weeks of each other) we hardly ever get to see each other.  We do IM, video chat, email, and text message but NOT ENOUGH!  The last time I saw her in person was SEPTEMBER!  Thankfully we had a team offsite in Seattle this week and we got to see each other.  It still wasn’t enough time but it was great to see her.


Shaun, Lu, and I NEED to make the drive up to see her and Richard and Brea (their sulky dog that I used to see everyday). We have to wait until the snow has melted some but then it’s ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!!!

It’s just nice having someone that gets you and that you can be silent with.  Or someone that you each talk over the other and with each other and come to the same conclusion.  Or come to different conclusions but see why they came to the conclusion they came to.  She gets me and accepts me for who I am.  I am extremely thankful for that.  I miss her already.

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