Mother’s Day

A few months ago I sent Shaun some links to camera bags that I’d like for Mother’s Day.  Last week, he emailed me saying that they were out of stock and asked if I wanted anything else.  I told him that I really, truly don’t want anything other than a day with Shaun and Lu, some Lucy artwork, and to not cook.  Yesterday I got all of that and more.  Best Mother’s Day ever!

First, I got to sleep in and then we went to a few local nurseries to get supplies for the garden.  After that we went to 13th Street Pub and Grill for a yummy lunch including a free mimosa and yummy bloody mary.  We then had a (much needed) family nap followed by an afternoon in the garden.  The night ended with a dinner out at the Ram.  We were supposed to go to our friend’s house for Friend Dinner but they had to cancel.  I told Shaun that we could just have leftovers but he said absolutely not and that we were going out.  Okay then!  It really was a nice family day AND my husband built me a trellis for me peas!

Evidently I had a hard time with the focus yesterday Smile


Look at that hand made trellis!


I also got some garden markers:


And Lettuce!


Last weekend we went to a native plant sale and Shaun terraced an area in the backyard for it.  Here’s our native plant garden Smile


And the reason my day was so wonderful!



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