The courage I was talking about yesterday? Well I got the courage to make a HUGE life change back in April and I FINALLY get to tell you about it Smile.

I got to send this email out at work:

Hi all,

I wanted to let everyone know that after 7+ really wonderful years on the design team that my last day at Microsoft Tellme will be July 19th.  I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to teach at Challenger School, where Lucy will be attending this fall. 

As a little background, all throughout college I had plans to be a special education teacher but took a much needed break after graduation.  When I applied at Tellme, I also applied at a private school in the D.C. area but Tellme snatched me up first. I am very excited to be getting back to my roots and to get to go to school with Lucy every day!  Thankfully, I will NOT be teaching her class but instead a class of pre-K kiddos-no need to worry about standardized tests-thank you very much!

While I’ll miss you all terribly and can’t think of a better team of people to work with, I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life.



I’m going to chase my dreams and be a teacher!!!!  I can’t tell you how excited I am.  As part of the interview process I had to teach a group of 15 4 year olds about the short vowel rule: When there is one vowel in a word or syllable, it is usually short.  When there are 2 or more vowels in a word or syllable, the vowel is long.  Well that was old hat for these Challenger 4 year olds BUT the experience was so incredibly amazing and just felt so right.  I’ll be teaching 4 year olds and we’ll have phonics, math, science, and “imagination play” everyday. Most of the kids I teach will already know how to read and do simple math when they get to me!  I really believe in Challenger and their methods.  I actually had Lucy signed up to start there in the fall before I had even thought of applying to work there.

It’s going to be a huge shift for me but one that I am incredibly excited about!!!

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