Big Changes

I’ve been very absent from the blog-sorry!  The last few weeks of work were insane and now I’m a free woman!!!!  Can you believe it?  No more Microsoft!  Ever since being done with work I haven’t really been near a computer.  Which is just…strange!  I spent the last 8+ year in front of the computer for 8+ hours a day and now, nada.  It’s very crazy.  With my new job, I won’t be in front of the computer at ALL during the day so I’ll need to figure out if/when I’ll blog.

Also with the new job comes lunch packing.  I’ll have to pack my lunch, Lu’s lunch, and Shaun’s lunch every day. I’ve been toying around with the idea of posting what I pack on a daily (or maybe weekly?) basis to give other Moms/Gluten Free/Wifes/etc. ideas.  I have to see what my schedule shakes out to and then decide but right now, that’s the plan.

I can’t believe how BUSY I’ve been.  The 3 weeks in between jobs was supposed to be like a Staycation but it’s been more like a Chorecation.  I’m on the go and busy  Craziness.

Oh and my house is falling apart around me-that doesn’t help.  In the last month we’ve had 20 feet of sprinkler line replaced, our entire piping in our laundry room replaced (after 2 leaks), our refrigerator replaced (our old one just died-the butter was melting inside of it), and our A/C is broken.  There’s a big gaping hole in my laundry room ceiling (from the pipe replacement) that needs to be fixed and another electrical issue that also needs to be fixed.  Thank goodness we rent!

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