The first week was awesome but overwhelming! I have 4 2 hour classes with a 1 hour lunch break. It’s all great information and I can’t tune out. It’s also a 40 minute commute to get there! Actual school starts next Monday and I’ll be working 9-6 with a 1 hour lunch and a 20 minute commute. Much more manageable!

I realized quickly last week that with no smart phone, I was very disconnected – especially when email is my husband’s primary form of communication!  I changed back to my Droid and will get a new phone (hopefully the iPhone 5!!!) on September 27th when I can get my new every 2 $30 credit.

As for eats-Last week was basically the same as Monday (minus the melon, add cherries) all week.

This week? The first 2 days, up until dinner=
-overnight oats
-curried tuna salad
-massaged kale salad (kale, lemon juice, olive oil, s+p)
-Marys Gone Crackers
-Cucumber (from the garden) and hummus
-string cheese

I only had 1 can of tuna (I thought I had 2) so midweek I have to come up with something else. Variety is a good thing, right?

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