Bucket List-Day 24

Bucket List:

1. Write a book
2. Own an actual house with a yard (NOT a condo!)
3. Get to 20% body fat
4. Bike Tour
5. Be totally debt free!
6. Tour Hawaii in a VW Vanagon
7. Visit France, Italy, and Spain
8. Have a real summer vacation-no working summer school!
9. Visit ALL of America’s National Parks (I’ve hit 9 of the 58)
10. Work a summer in Yellowstone.
11. See a moose!
12. See Yellowstone in the winter.
13. Visit all 50 States (I’m up to 15-ha!)
14. Ride in a hot air balloon.
15. Ride the Idaho City Tour with Shaun-50 Mile Mountain Bike Ride
16. Take a helicopter ride.
17. Learn to juggle.
18. Go on an epic vacation with friends, sans kids.
19. Go sky diving.
20. Learn how to make pierogies.
21. Become the type of person who gives the perfect gifts. ON TIME.
22. Be a positive force in this world. Not a negative, judgmental one.
23. Support Lucy, unconditionally.
24. Have an awesome garden.

I went with Megan, Anna, and Kathleen today to do the Boise Garden Tour. We saw some AMAZING gardens and some felt very attainable-like I could create that if I worked at it. So work at it, I will. Once bucket list #2 happens, I’ll start working on a pretty garden with succulents, peonies, hastas, and allium. 🙂


5 years ago today I finished the Ironman!

In super sad news, my kitty cat is dying. If she makes it through the night I have to call to get her put down tomorrow. We have jokingly called her the vampire cat because she never seems to age. I got her 10 years ago and she’s moved across country with me multiple times. She was a rescue kitty and had a hard first few years until she found me. About 7 years ago, she had to have all of her teeth removed due to decay but she bounced back from that wonderfully. About 4 years ago she started puking 3-5 times a week but the vet could never figure out why. So we’ve been dealing with cat puke but a seemingly healthy cat for 4 years. I noticed on Friday that she was acting off but I assumed it was the heat. Today I thanked Shaun for cleaning her box and feeding her last week-he hadn’t been. 🙁 She hasn’t pooped in a week and hasn’t eaten very much either. She isn’t responding to me petting her (which is crazy unlike her) and is very listless. It has become very evident that she is just waiting to die. I’m incredibly sad. We’ve been through so much together and I can’t believe that it’s really her time.

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