Bucket List-Day 28

Bucket List:

1. Write a book
2. Own an actual house with a yard (NOT a condo!)
3. Get to 20% body fat
4. Bike Tour
5. Be totally debt free!
6. Tour Hawaii in a VW Vanagon
7. Visit France, Italy, and Spain
8. Have a real summer vacation-no working summer school!
9. Visit ALL of America’s National Parks (I’ve hit 9 of the 58)
10. Work a summer in Yellowstone.
11. See a moose!
12. See Yellowstone in the winter.
13. Visit all 50 States (I’m up to 15-ha!)
14. Ride in a hot air balloon.
15. Ride the Idaho City Tour with Shaun-50 Mile Mountain Bike Ride
16. Take a helicopter ride.
17. Learn to juggle.
18. Go on an epic vacation with friends, sans kids.
19. Go sky diving.
20. Learn how to make pierogies.
21. Become the type of person who gives the perfect gifts. ON TIME.
22. Be a positive force in this world. Not a negative, judgmental one.
23. Support Lucy, unconditionally.
24. Have an awesome garden.
25. Take Lucy to Jamaica to show her where we got married.
26. Knit myself another sweater.
27. Laser off my pit hair and bikini line.
28. Find a style.

I think I lament about my lack of style at least every six months on the blog.  I need to figure out my style and I need to get clothes! I’m so tired of feeling frumpy and unattractive.  The problem is that I need to figure out my style and I have no way of figuring out how to do that.  There is a mom at school that always looks so cute.  Maybe I’ll ask her where she shops?


I’m home today with Lucy.  We think she has Hand, Foot, and Mouth.  She was accidentally exposed to it last week and I thought we were in the clear and BAM-101* temp and a scratchy throat.  So we’re sitting at home.  I rented Winnie the Pooh from Redbox and she seems to be enjoying it.  I got her a peanut butter chocolate shake and she took two sips and said that she was done because it hurt Sad smile.

With my unexpected day off I’ve set up a new bank account for us, scheduled my annual for my week off (joy!), signed Lu up for swim lessons, signed myself up for a gym around the corner (for $14/month!!!!), and folded literally 4 weeks worth of laundry (it was insane!). At least I got to catch up!

Poor Lu though, I wish she felt better Sad smile.

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