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February Challenge-Low Spend Month

February 2nd, 2013 — 11:02am

We’re furiously trying to save for a house. Our only debt is my student loan so we should be able to save more money than we are.  Christmas hit and so did my car.  My car is almost 8 years old but only has 70,000 miles on it.  In the last 2 months we’ve spent $1,500 fixing things that start going wrong when your car is 8 years old. Lucy has also had a medically expensive last couple of months-allergy testing, CT scan, doctors appointments, etc. I just keep watching my next egg getting smaller and smaller and it is making me sad.  With that said, I’m embarking on a low spend month!

February is only 28 days long so it should be easier, right? I’m all set on paper products, cleaning agents, etc., so all I have to worry about is FOOD.  I try to spend $600 a month on food (this doesn’t include going out).  Sometimes I hit that and sometimes I go over.  With the corn and wheat allergies that we have and my commitment to buying local, sustainable, and humane meat, eggs, and dairy, it gets expensive.  I also like to buy organic-especially with the top 20!

I do now have a 7 cubic foot freezer full of just the sort of meat I like to feed my family.  So that should cut back on my grocery bill, right?

Here’s my goal-spend $300 on food this month-that includes going out (which means we won’t be going out-ha!*). I’m still going to stick to my ideals and of course we can’t buy things that will make Lu ill.  I’m just going to try to make conscious choices and try to only spend an average of $70 at the store each week.  I know I can do it!

Here goes nothing!

*The one caveat is that my good friend is having a birthday party/girl’s night out next week and I will be using my own personal money to go out that night.

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