Family Nap

I just got up from a Family Nap.  Shaun and Lu are still sleeping.  We haven’t had a Family Nap in months. It was pretty glorious 🙂

The day started with some juice:


Apple, Beet, Carrot, Lemon, and Ginger


Lu decided she loved it:


You can see the juice all the way up on her forehead:


A circle of juice:


I also had some toast that I shared with Lu.  There’s nothing better than sourdough toast.  I put some Earth Balance vegan spread on it:


It was such a nice day (after having MANY not nice days) that we decided to walk to a local museum.  On the way we stopped and got Shaun breakfast (a blueberry muffin and a chocolate muffin) and got Lu a banana.  This may or may not have snuck into our bag.  If it did? I had half.


My phone takes pretty good pictures, eh?

We walked to the Coyote Point Museum-it’s an Environmental Museum that Shaun took Lu to last weekend.  They liked it so much that they wanted to take me.  We got a membership so we’ll be going back!

Out front is a Inka Biospheric System.


It uses solar power, plants, and water to run this fish tank.


The plants naturally clean the water!

Lu LOVED the magnet gears.

IMG_4759 IMG_4760 IMG_4761 IMG_4762

They also had a water bottle wall that she thought was pretty cool.

IMG_4763 IMG_4765IMG_4764 


She’s pretty shy around other little kids/unfamiliar situations and only wanted to play on the toys that were pretty unpopular.



We saw owls:


A badger:


Some fighting otters:

IMG_4776 IMG_4777

A tame hawk:


And a little sleeping fox:


We also saw frogs, snakes, a coyote, a ferret, eagles, and other interesting animals that I didn’t get a picture of.

It was COOL.  It’s about a 3.5 mile walk roundtrip and was a great way to spend our morning.

Lu was so tuckered she fell asleep in the stroller on the way home.

For lunch, I had some Mexican Pasta:


I’m Mexican Pasta’d out. I’m also over the vegan cheese I’ve been using.  I should have known not to buy it.  One of it’s selling points is that “It Melts!”.  *sigh*


Lastly, I’ve been craving sweets (donut anyone?). It seems it’s that time of the month or something.  Anyway, I had some dark chocolate:


Tonight, we’re off to our friends house for dinner.  I’m excited to be hanging out with them!

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