Let’s Go to the Mall!

A friend from my Mommy board who lives in Kansas is in the area visiting her family.  We met up at the mall yesterday and had so much fun.

Mel and I met while pregnant on Baby Center and our group of girls always talked about Starbucks, Target, and Sonic Burger.  We just so happened to go to a mall that had a Target, a Starbucks and a Sonic Burger.  Kismet!

We met at Target, got some Starbucks, and then went and played.

Lu and Emme!

CIMG6518  CIMG6520  CIMG6522  CIMG6524 CIMG6525 CIMG6526 

The four of us (kind of).  A better one of Emme:


A super silly one of Lu:


I finished the trip with a Cherry Limeade Slush.


I used to LOVE these things and I was so excited to have a splurge BUT this was utterly disgusting.  It was so sweet and just tasted of syrup.  I drank about a fourth of it and had to stop.

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