Goodish News

I got the results of the CT Scan back.  No stones and no abscess so NO SURGERY!  YAY!

Apparently, the meds they gave me for the UTI didn’t agree with my body and my entire digestive track has shut down.  It’s incredibly painful but I have both my traditional doctor and my naturopathic doctor helping to make things right.

To be honest, I’m really mad at my body and feel like a failure. I know these feelings are stupid but this issue comes up for me over and over again.  I seriously don’t know a person who eats better than I do-SERIOUSLY (and I read all the blogs that y’all read) and yet I still have all these digestive tract issues and I’m fat.  It’s really not fair. Life isn’t fair.

So, I’m trying to be really nice to my body and me (which isn’t going so well as evidenced by the paragraph above). But I’m trying.

Thanks for all the well wishes and I hope I get better soon.

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