Gluten Free, Corn Free, Sugar Free, and Now Meat Free?

I won’t say vegan because I will still eat honey and I will eat fish about once a week (fish on the safe list and that is wild caught). What happened this week  happened to me back in 2005.  It wasn’t as painful but it sucked all the same.  I went on this diet for about a year and it helped tremendously. I’m sad because I really do enjoy meat (sorry veggies out there!) but I think it will help me and I’m up for anything at this point.  I will have to make Shaun (my meat LOVING husband) and Lucy meat most nights, but that’s okay.

I still don’t feel 100% but I do feel 100% better than I’ve felt in a week.  I am not mad at my body anymore and I’m ready to tackle this thing!!!

This morning Lucy and I went with Lissa and Tessa to the Farmer’s Market and I went a little crazy.  It felt so good to be out but I went veggie overboard.  We’re leaving for PA in a few days and I definitely didn’t need to buy so much.  I threw most of it in a pot and I’m making veggie soup that I can enjoy until we leave and I can freeze for when we get back. Win! Win!

I’ve been horrible about taking pictures lately.  I will remedy that!  Thank you ALL for the support.  I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

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