Bikram Yoga

I went to my very first Bikram Yoga class this morning.  Ummm…I’m in love.  I’ve heard people talk about finding their “kind” of yoga and I think this is it for me.  I loved the heat of the room, I loved how excited the instructor was, I loved the sweating, I loved that it brought my heart rate up by stretching not by jumping around.  I loved that I didn’t have to do 1,000 chaturangas (or any for that matter).  I have issues with my shoulders and usually too much yoga can really bother them, I don’t think this will.  The only part that SUCKED was this pose:


Salabhasana or Locust Pose. O.M.G. My legs where about 2 inches off the ground and my elbows and arms were screaming.  Apparently someone in last night’s class was able to do the  full Scorpion Pose:


Holy Ow.

I will definitely be going back and SOON!

I woke up at 5 am this morning to take the class.  It was windy outside and it continues to be windy.  I’m really glad I took these pictures on Sunday:





I don’t think there will be any more leaves left on the trees after today.  How amazing is it to live somewhere where there are 4 seasons?  I LOVE it!  The Bay Area had 2 seasons-Sunny and Rainy.  That was it.  All the trees here are so beautiful, they sky has been amazing every morning, the crisp cold air-LOVE!

I’m in a good mood, can you tell?

Today I also wrote in my last page of my journal.


I’ve been trying to write 3 pages every morning since June 21st as part of The Artist’s Way.  For the most part, I’ve written everyday.  I’ve had a few lapses but I really see the benefit of this and try my hardest to write every morning.

With that, I’m going to enjoy this bowl of oats. YOM.


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