I’ve been trying really hard to be mindful in everything that I do.  Sometimes I fail but most of the time lately I’ve succeeded at being mindful. Getting rid of my Droid was a further pursuit in my mindfulness. I had gotten into a very bad habit of looking at my phone to just pass the time.  Usually I let too much time pass and I wasn’t getting the things I wanted done done. On Thursday, I traded in my Droid for an LG Cosmos…


…and I couldn’t be happier. I’m no longer attached to my phone and I fell less “connected” to my virtual world but much more connected to my real world.  It has also forced me to pick and choose what I REALLY want to read and do.  If I’m going to spend computer time on something, then it really needs to be worth it. I’ve been leaving more comments on blogs that I frequent because I’m on a computer, not a phone and I’ve made the time to sit down and catch up with my friends.  I’m really glad I made the switch and it hasn’t been too terribly painful. Plus, the phone bill of $45 vs. $100 takes all the pain away!

In life I’m trying to be mindful of everything that I do. The way I treat people, how I spend my time, how I spend my money, my eating, etc.  Just yesterday I was leaving the grocery store and noticed a jar of pizza sauce in my cart that I hadn’t paid for.  My first thought was, “That’s less than $2, it’s no biggie.” Then I thought, “That’s not being mindful.” and I turned my cart around and paid the $1.27 for my pizza sauce.  The woman at customer service thanked me and said that my karma was covered for the day.  Today in yoga, my towel left a thread on the floor and I could have just left it there but I didn’t, I picked it up and I threw it away.

I’d say the mindfulness is going well but as always, I struggle with my perfection complex.  If I’m not mindful, I feel awful and berate myself.  That’s not being very mindful of myself, now is it?  So, I’m working on that.  I’m a work in progress (and always will be) but I am working every day on loving myself.  By and large, I’m doing a really great job and I’m really proud of myself.

One area where I’m really trying to be mindful is my photography.  I’ve had a DSLR for a year and a half and I have never used the manual function.  I use the manual focus all the time but actually needing to adjust the aperture and all that? I’ve never used that function even though I used to take my own pictures with my Pentax SLR and develop them myself.  I’ve lost that ability and it makes me sad.  SO! This weekend, I turned my camera to M and took some pictures of Shaun and Lu sledding.







They’re not perfect but I think they’re pretty awesome Smile.

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