Thankful Thursday-2.24.11

Today I’m thankful for The Artist’s Way. I’m almost done with the course and it has brought so much perspective to my life.  I just finished Week 10 and it may have been the most impactful chapter that I’ve done.  My therapist was pleasantly surprised with how much I got out of this chapter.  Some gems:

“When we are clear about who we are and what we are doing, the energy flows freely and we experience no strain.” (p163)

“For some people, food is a creativity issue.  Eating sugar or fats or certain carbohydrates may leave them feeling dulled, hung over, unable to focus-blurry. They use food to block energy and change.” (p163)

“We turn to our drug of choice to block our creativity whenever we experience the anxiety of our inner emptiness.” (p165)

“When we are ogling the accomplishments of others, we take our eye away from our own through line.” (p172)

“…We cannot afford to think about who is getting ahead of us and how they don’t deserve it. The desire to be better than can choke off the simple desire to be.” (p173)

“The need to win-now!-is a need to win approval from others. As an antidote, we must learn to approve of ourselves.” (p175)

I’ve realized that sugar is my drug.  Doing some introspection and looking to where I’ve felt the best about what I’m putting into my body and how I feel about my body and life was when I was not eating sugar.  Ever since I made the decision to eat sugar in “moderation” I have felt out of control about food-like an addict.  I haven’t been eating sugar now since February 5th except for 1 day a week where I don’t have any restrictions on what I eat.  I feel like a different person!  The difference in me is AMAZING.  My therapist was worried about that one day a week and thought that I may crave sugar after that day.  I’ve found the exact opposite to be true. It makes me feel awful and so I stop eating it and want nothing to do with it. Last Friday I had some fries (high carb=sugar) and they made me feel ill so I threw them away halfway though.  Who is this person?!?!?! I’m not ravenous all day anymore and I feel good about how I’m fueling my body so yay!

My other vice was my Droid and we all know what I did about that Smile.

So thank you to The Artist’s Way for helping me to see these things and thank you to ME for putting in the work Smile

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