Thankful Thursday-4.14.11

Today I’m thankful that I didn’t kill my family last night.  I was cleaning up the kitchen and had gotten a shipment of Shaklee products in the mail.  I was very excited to see how they worked-sadly, I wasn’t wowed but I’m going to keep using them and see if I change my mind. 

So there I was scrubbing away and I accidentally turned on one of the burners on the stove.  I turned it right off and thought nothing of it.  I finished around 8:15 and sat down to watch the wonderful Lynn Chen in The People I’ve Slept With.  Shaun was at volleyball and when he came home he said that it smelled funny.  I didn’t notice anything and finished watching the movie (very funny btw). After it was over ~10:15, I got up to get ready for bed and I just smelled the heavy, awful smell of natural gas.  I knew instantly that it was the stove and sure enough, the burner that I thought I had turned off was actually on and pouring gas into the house.

I freaked out! I opened all the windows and doors (even though it was in the low 30’s last night) and was sure that I had killed our bird.  Birds are really sensitive to gases and can drop dead really easily when exposed.  Thankfully (?) natural gas is heavier than air and I had the birdie out on top of her cage last night so she was probably above the gas.  BUT! since natural gas is heavier than air, I started worrying about Lu sleeping downstairs.  I didn’t know what to do so I made Shaun sleep with all our windows open.  It was seriously cold but I was sure that I had killed everyone in my house.

This morning we woke up to a very cold but gas free house with all members of our family alive.  Thank goodness!!!!

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