June Challenge-Bucket List

Megan inspired me to create a bucket list! I was just lamenting that I had let this thing die but didn’t know how to jump back in. So I’m going to try!

Some things I’ve already marked off the ‘ol bucket list:

-married my best friend
-gave birth to one wonderful little girl
-therefore I’m a Mom! (and a good one, I think)
-moved across the country (twice!) and ultimately tossed everything I knew out the window for a better, simpler, more family oriented life in Boise.
-completed an Ironman (almost 5 years ago!!!)
-became a teacher
-finished a Bikram 60 in 60
-bought and completely updated a house
-this is a silly one to put on a bucket list but I’m proud of it-we’re debt free except for my student loan (and working on that one)

I’ll follow Megan’s criteria for this bucket list:

My criteria for adding items to the list are simple.
-Each item must be something that can be solidly accomplished and documented, no touchy-feely goals for this list.
-A new item must be added every single day and posted on this blog. (caveat-I may not be able to update everyday while in Yellowstone-but I’ll still create them and update the blog at the end of the week.)
-Ideas can be crazy and far fetched, but must have the potential to be accomplished in this lifetime.

Bucket List
1. Write a book

On the “me” front, things are going really well. I’ve got 1 week left of school and then we’re on vacation in Yellowstone (don’t try to break into my house, I have a very loud and effective alarm-my husband “tests” it quite frequently)! At the end of vacation Shaun, my brother, SIL, 17 year old nephew, and I will be doing a 50 mile mountain bike ride from Boise to Idaho City.

I’ve been training for that by mountain biking with my hubby on the weekends and pulling Lucy in the trailer to school twice a week (14 miles a day, 28 miles a week plus whatever Shaun and I do). I’m still doing my bootcamp MWF. After I’ve completed the ride, I plan to join a cheap gym to get access to weights to continue the hardcore lifting I was doing (and loving). I’ll probably try to ride my bike to school one day a week still because Lu absolutely loves it. Oh and I officially fit in most of my Pre-Lucy clothing. Yippee!

After my vacation, summer school starts. I found out today that I’ll be teaching Kindergarten this summer! For the summer, I’ll no longer be “Miss Chelsea” but will be “Mrs. Titus”. I’m really excited for the new challenge.

On the Lucy front. She’s awesome and gets more awesome everyday. There’s no more baby in her -except maybe her totally kissable cheeks. She’s a full on KID, like woah! She has a great sense of humor, she’s reading one vowel words, she’s working on mastering the monkey bars, and she’s counting to 100! She is loving the new house. She plays independently for large chunks of time outside on her “playground” or upstairs in her playroom. She LOVES to play school and is constantly drilling us or practicing her writing on her “magna noodle” or white board. Since her third birthday, she’s gone from a shy little girl to a girl who has no problem talking to people, asking their names, and being inquisitive (while hopefully still being polite!). I fully attribute this to Challenger. I knew when I went to observe the program that she would thrive. I’m glad I was right!

I’ve written this whole post on my phone. Let’s see if I can include some pictures.

In the mix is Lucy’s big girl room, Lucy before her Spring Performance, Lucy in the bath, Shaun and me on my Mother’s Day ride, Shaun and Lu cuddling on the couch <3. 20120602-013720.jpg






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