Symmetrical Binary Dates

Two in a row! 1.10.11 and 1.11.11.  How cool is that?

1.10.11 was a wonderful day and today is shaping up to be just as good. Loving life! Smile

Last time we met, we were trying to get Baby Loaf out. That night, Megan and Luke came over for burritos and Lucy implored Baby Loaf to come OUT!

It worked and Baby Loaf is here but I’m waiting to tell you any details until Megan has a chance to share her story.  It’s a good one and it’ll be worth the wait.  I will tell you that he’s a boy, he’s cute, his name is awesome, and I’ve cried happy tears many times over the last few days.

Lactation Cookies, Mac N’ Cheese, and Stuffing Bombs are on the horizon Winking smile

I captured many cute videos this weekend, it was a great weekend.  Here’s Lu cooking Mommy some “rice and sauce”.

Her repertoire has broadened to include “meat” and “mac n’ cheese” but I didn’t get that on video Smile. I think someone has been watching Mom in the kitchen.

It really was a wonderful weekend, I noticed on Friday night that I was talking very sternly to Lu a lot.  I decided to shift my frame of mind and to approach things differently with her.  I’m a control freak and sometimes I just need to let go.  She needs to behave and listen but there are ways to get her to do that without me talking sternly or getting upset. I tend to push, push, push to get her to do things my way even when there are other ways to do things.  If I just sit back and let her figure it out, she’s happier and I’m happier.  Ever since making the decision to approach things differently, I’ve only spoken sternly to her once and it was completely appropriate for the situation. 

Last night she completely shocked my by saying “L-U-C-Y. Lucy!” Clear as can be.  We’ve been spelling her name with her every night before bed with the letters on her wall since she was 6 months old.  She’s never tried to spell it out but then yesterday busted out with it perfectly.  As part of our bedtime routine, after we spell her name she lists out other people in her life and we spell those.  Tessa is always spelled right after Lucy.  Apparently, according to my sister, Lucy has taught Tessa that her name starts with “T”.  I had no clue!  She’s a smarty pants, that one Smile

Today was day 9 of yoga. If anything, it’s shifting my frame of mind and I’m much happier and peaceful.  I’m loving this challenge!

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